Aiwil õigusbüroo

The team of AiWil Law Office has extensive experience in criminal law, administrative law, prevention of money laundering, financial fraud investigation, tax law as well as the internal audit services area.

AiWil Law Office is a reliable partner for both private customers and corporate clients when dealing with situations that require legal knowledge. We will assist and advise you in law and law practice matters, compile all the necessary documents, and protect your interests in partnerships or dealing with authorities.

The quality and reliability of legal service depends mainly on legal counsel’s very own skills, knowledge, and experience. Our lawyers have a vast knowledge base as well as sufficient practical experience working for law enforcement authorities. Through continuous self-improvement, we have been able to keep ourselves abreast of the developments in both Estonia and the European Union in terms of legal regulations and changes in legal practices.

AiWil Law Office strictly adheres to the principle of confidentiality in terms of all client relationships. We hereby certify that the information entrusted to us is protected and maintained; at the same time, we would like to remind you of the fact that only a reliable cooperation will be able to ensure the most advantageous solution to any problem – taking your interests into account – at the lowest possible cost.

Current control over matters and appropriate legal assistance prevents potential problems as well as helps prevent subsequent expenditures. We consider the rapid availability of our legal services of utmost importance, and we are eager to help you prior to signing a contract or making a transaction. We will assist you where possible to prevent lengthy and costly litigations, but we are also ready to represent you in trial and district courts.