Areas of Activity

Administrative Law

We provide comprehensive legal advice in constitutional and administrative law. For example, we provide assistance in issuing administrative acts and exercising administrative actions as well as in assessing and challenging the legality of issued administrative acts or executed administrative actions.

Criminal Law

We provide legal advice in criminal and misdemeanour cases.

Prevention of Money Laundering

We provide legal advice and organise trainings on prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing for law subjects.

Internal Audit Services

We provide internal audit services and counselling. For example, we carry out background checks on individuals and companies.

Real Estate and Construction

Assisting customers in all areas of law associated with real estate ownership issues or use of real estate. For example, real estate development as well as rental and leasing arrangements.


Our main goal is to both map the customer’s problem and find a solution in a quick manner, which will in turn give our customers and clients the opportunity to focus on their daily activities.

Commercial Law

We provide legal advice for all types of legal entities in all matters associated with general commercial law, such as advising companies at every stage of operation – from establishment and expansion to possible liquidation.

Tax Law

We provide legal advice to companies in solving problems associated with taxes and help take advantage of the right opportunities.

Banking and Finance

We provide legal advice in carrying out international transactions.